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Meridian School Board

Board Members




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         Dan Correia

Phone: (530) 696-2604

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         Cristian Ramirez

Phone:  (530) 696-2604

       Nancy Salm

Phone: (530) 696-2604

Board Policies

Below are links to each of the policies for Meridian School. All policies have been updated and approved by the Meridian Elementary School District Board of Education. A hard copy is also available for viewing at the school.

0000 Policies     Philosophy,Goals,                Objectives, and Comprehensive Plans

1000 Policies      Community Relations
2000 Policies      Administration



3000 Policies      Business and Non Instructional Operations

Updated Policies 
4000 Policies      Personnel

Updated Policies Personnel
5000 Policies      Students
6000 Policies      Instruction

Updated Policies  Instruction  
7000 Policies      Facilities
9000 Policies      Board By Laws

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