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Mr. Will Rickett is our certified bus driver for our district bus.  He has been fully certified in both driving and maintenance of our bus to ensure the safety and well being of our students he transports to and from school as well as district field trips.

K-12 student transportation is generally categorized as Home-to-School Transportation (HTST)  is generally categorized as Home-to-School Transportation (HTST)  and Non-Home-to-School Transportation (NHTST ). California school districts provide transportation between home and school (HTST) for about one in eight students. The exact share of students transported by District varies notably across the state, with about one-quarter of Districts transporting less than 10 percent of their students and about one-tenth of districts, generally smaller and more rural, transporting more than half of their students. Districts provide transportation for a variety of reasons, including concerns that students lack alternative methods of getting to school as well as federal laws that require certain groups of students, including some students with disabilities, to be bused. And, every District has occasion for Non-Home-to-School Transportation (NHTST) for its students. Such transportation involves field trips, athletic events, and similar extracurricular activities wherein transportation may be provided by District-owned fleets, contracted school bus services, or volunteer driver. Recognizing this, Districts have significant auto liability exposures. It is important to note that the primary layer of liability coverage is the insurance which is on the vehicle driven. Therefore, when a permissive user is driving a District vehicle, the District’s liability coverage will be primary. When a private vehicle is being driven, the primary liability coverage will be that which is on the private vehicle and thus the District’s liability coverage will be excess. Meridian Elementary School IS NOT mandated to transport Inter-district students to or from school. This is an extra service provided by the District which may be suspended at any time the District deems it justifiable.

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