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Welcome to 

Meridian Elementary School

We are a free, K-8 public school and we offer the following to each of our students:

  • Outdoor Education w/Multiple Field Trips in ALL grade levels for both Outdoor & Community Education and classroom connections

  • Continued sports programs in both team sports and individual sports 

  • Robotics, Art, Health, Outdoor Education, and Intervention electives

If you are interested in independent study for your pupil or pupils, or wish to schedule a conference with staff, please contact us at the phone number or e-mail address below:


Christopher Meyer (Superintendent/Principal)


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            Enroll Now!
There are openings for interested students and families!
Call 530-696-2604 & leave a message and we'll get back to you!
Or, click the link below and send your information in an email and we'll get back to you!
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Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Preliminary Budget is available at Meridian School.

Upcoming Events and Latest News



Students Enrollment

Water Plant

March 6

Minimum Day

March 14

Board Meeting

March 20

Minimum Day


             March 29 - April 5

Spring Break 

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